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Our Complete Car Wash & Detailing Services in Garden Grove, CA

There is nothing like driving a car that looks beautiful and pristine both inside and out. If you hire a professional cleaner for your house, you should do the same for your vehicle. Hiring Gils Car Wash Mobile to take care of your automobile comes with a multitude of advantages. We specialize in mobile car wash & detailing in Garden Grove, CA and the surrounding locations. To find out more, see the details below. 

The Services We Provide:

Car Wash

Car Wash
Many car owners believe that washing their cars is easy enough to do by themselves. But a bucket of soapy water and a sponge are not sufficient for quality cleaning. Washing your vehicle like a pro means kneeling, bending, and scrubbing dirt, mud, and grease until the entire body is sparkling clean and shiny. Allow our experienced staff to do the dirty work and give your valuable investment the cleanliness and luster it needs.

Light Cleaning

Light Cleaning
We provide light and deep car cleaning. The first category is for vehicle owners who only need dust and minor blemishes removing from the paint. Our skilled detailers will treat the body by hand, getting into all the hidden spots underneath the rims, for example. With our regular, basic cleaning, you will have a neat and maintained vehicle everyone will admire. Leave the elbow grease to us.

Complete Auto & Motorcycle Detailing

Complete Auto & Motorcycle Detailing
To enable us to carry out a professional and complete car wash, we use the most advanced tools and materials to get the results. Whether you are selling your automobile or motorcycle or wish to remove the ugly smudges on the body, dashboard, and seats, we are the experts you need. Wholly paying attention to detail, we will clean and dry the exterior and remove all the dust and stains from the compartment of your vehicle.

Polishing & Ceramic Coating

Polishing & Ceramic Coating
Our full detail car wash process includes high-quality polishing products, clay bar, and wax that will protect and offer weather resistance for the paintwork. We wash, polish, and wax every vehicle by request, regardless of its make, model, or size. Our detailers also utilize quality ceramic coatings that eliminate swirl marks, chips, and stains and make the paint as shiny as can be.

Tire Shining & Aroma

Tire Shining & Aroma
Our cleaning technicians also use special cleaners to treat the tires and wheels. The tires of your automobile are crucial for safe handling and general performance on the road. When they are dirty, it is impossible to see how much wear is left. Our industrious staff will take care of the tires and wheels because they are just like the icing on the cake. We will deodorize the interior as well.


Our Beneficial Work

When you contact our team, you will have several great options. You can schedule a simple car wash, full interior and exterior detailing, or the full package includes impeccable polishing and waxing. We travel to homes or offices, and we have specialties and services to meet all our clients’ needs. Our work is fast, convenient, and produces instant immaculate results.  

Our Work

Whether you need a complete detail car wash or light cleaning of your automobile or motorcycle, our professionals will perform all our duties precisely, not missing a single spot. With well-calculated movements and with the help of our top-quality products and materials, you will have a squeaky clean vehicle in no time. We know how to treat leather, plastic, metal, and other materials and parts of your car. 

For professional and affordable mobile auto detailing services in the Garden Grove, CA area, give us a call now. We guarantee Gils Car Wash Mobile we will become your preferred detailing company. 

Client’s Testimonial

by José manuel on Gils Car Wash Mobile
De tailing

Gils and their workers do an excellent job and are very professional and respectful.

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